Things I Have Learnt To Enjoy More

It's already nearly halfway through the year but since then I've done so much and I'm about to face the toughest exams: A-Levels. But I love trying new things and getting to explore and do small things as well as get to change opinions about myself. I've started to walk more and enjoy being outside... Continue Reading →


Why You Should Make The Most of Travelling

I'm lucky I'm still young. I'm nearly 18 and I have majority of my life to travel the world and see everything to offer. To try new foods. To visit amazing places. To experience different cultures. So when I heard the news about Notre-Dame, I was heartbroken. I'm not religious, but it was always a... Continue Reading →

January Favourites

So this post is coming up right at the beginning of February, Jan was a weird month for me with a lot of exams and meetings to do with my mental health - things have been slowly getting better again. I have to say, this month I've listened to lots of new music, tried new... Continue Reading →

A Letter To 2019 Me

This post is going to be difficult to write. Last year was full of so much pain and hurt and you should never have had to go through that. The beginning of the year was absolute torment, and I know from now on it will never be the same. But this year is extremely important.... Continue Reading →

What I Got For Christmas 2018

Hi! Not uploaded in a while because been completely overloaded with school work and exams and revision and between that and working, it's just stressful. Hoping to balance that now a lot more going into 2019! I thought that even though it is late, I would show off what I got for Christmas! From my... Continue Reading →

Reasons To Continue Living

Dear whoever is reading this, I know that it seems that everything has gone down the drain. That you can't see a future for yourself and that after everything you've been through, you can't see a reason to carry on. You believe that you can't smile again, that there is nothing to live for, that... Continue Reading →

Shuffle Songs Tag

  I recently stumbled across my old Shuffle Songs Tag on my Tumblr, and I thought I would do an updated version. The Shuffle Songs Tag is where you press shuffle on your music library and place down the 10 songs that come up. Because I have so many different ways of playing music, I... Continue Reading →

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